The police is an entity born from nationalism and colonialism. They are present when corporations come to the land and the citizens of the world refuse this authoritarian and devastating presence. It is there to defend the interests of the elites and capital. No police are there for the people, except when they are fervent about privatization and the individual interests of that same privatization. Otherwise, the police would be in the offices of corruption, in the corporate enterprises, in the assemblies and in their own basement.

To protect', will say the people who support this militia. But history proves otherwise. They have gone from 'peace officers' to 'law enforcement'. Here in Gaspésie, it was the police who took care of expropriating people during the construction of Highway 132. It is also the police who made sure to beat the strikers and their wives during the Murdoch strike and the other strikes that took place. It was the police who supported the government in the unjust judgment against the fishermen of the Rivière-au-Renard revolt. It is the police who are unionized, overpaid and have working conditions that people demand every day. And even more, it is the one that has been threatening the first nations since the beginning of time. Why do we need protection? Protect us from whom? There are few real dangers, if any, created by the unjust conditions that capitalism imposes through poverty, lack of access, environmental destruction or lack of education and social services. It is easy to find many solutions to replace the totalitarian and armed methods used by the police. Collectives have been working on this issue for a long time and are taken little or not at all seriously due to the rusted out system of racism, colonialism and oligarchy. We need more social workers. More access. More collective and individual freedoms. Sometimes it takes a step backwards to take 2 forwards.

In Gaspésie, police brutality exists. Whether it is by their useless omnipresence during pathetic interventions with their new toys (new vehicles, guns, bulletproof vests...while health personnel or professors struggle to find budget for more equipment) or simply to protect the Port Daniel cement plant, the clear cuts or the oil projects. They are dangerous for themselves. An article on counterpoints was published about the history of the police in Gaspésie. It is also relevant to listen to the new podcasts on the history of the police published on the CLAC website.



Our presence at the March 15, 2021 demonstration in Montreal was therefore only natural, as libertarians rejecting the dominant systems. We were there to remind people that from Montreal to Gaspé, from the Unist'ot'en camp to unceded Mi'kmaq territory, the police are there, but so is the resistance. No to police brutality! No to the authoritarian systems of colonialism and capitalism! Yes to social solutions! Yes to massive reinvestment of public funds in the right places! Abolish the police!


Thanks to the contribution of the photographers André Querry and ftkp_photography.

- Some members of the 'Réseau Libertaire Brume Noire'