La Convergence des luttes anticapitalistes (CLAC) is releasing today the third episode of a podcast series called The Whole Orchard (Le Verger au Complet in french). The Whole Orchard aims to disseminate information on the abolition of the police and prisons, but will also offer episodes on more specific themes such as transformative justice, migrant prisons, the criminalizationof dissent, and many others.


In this third episode of The Whole Orchard, we present an interview with two members of the Termite Collective in order to deepen our understanding of the issues related to the abolition of prisons. The Termite Collective is a so-called Montreal-based collective that supports people in prison. The collective works in order to share a critical analysis of the prison system by disseminating information through workshops, plays and other events. 
While the first two episodes of the podcast were in French, the third episode is in English, but, as usual, a translation is provided in the podcast description. 
Here is the link of the podcast :
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